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Jeffsoup 13 March 2021 14:12

Super Cars 2 #205

I'm guessing the answer is probable no but here go's anyway.

It it possible to run Super Cars 2 (the WHD Load version) directly with FS-UAE ?

No matter what I've tried I always get a:
DOS-Error #205
(object not found)
on reading "Disk.1"

I've tried chucking 8mb of fast ram at it, which normally does the trick on other games but not this one.

Thank you for any help


jotd 13 March 2021 16:26

The answer is: why not?

(object not found) on reading "Disk.1" isn't a memory issue.

Can you post a screenshot of your directory? or better: a textual list.

Isn't it a filesystem problem? how are your disk files named? I'm sure the message isn't "Disk.1" but "disk.1" (lowercase "d") by the way.

And the files are in the same directory as the slave, not in "data" subdir.

Jeffsoup 13 March 2021 20:57

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Thank you for the replay, you prompted me to look at the file names. It was "Disk.1" I've added a pic of the Error.

Got it going now thank you.

All I had to do was change "disk.1" to "Disk.1"

Many thanks

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