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dmrvf 05 June 2003 15:51

060 on 3640 board
Anyone knows if i can install A 060 cpu an a 3640 board?

cv643d 05 June 2003 18:02

I dont think it is possible.

ant512 05 June 2003 18:21

The 040 and 060 run at different voltages. If you can step the voltage down, though, you may be able to swap the CPU - the 1200 Apollo 040 and 060 boards are essentially the same hardware. It all depends on the way the 3640 is made, but I'd guess that even if it is possible, it'd be a lot of work.

scaf 06 June 2003 00:45

I don't think you can.
see :

Some blizzard card can accept a 040 or a 060, but it seems commodore ones can.

dmrvf 06 June 2003 09:04

Thanks Guys

I suppose if someone did this hack will be on the web.

Maybe it can't be done after all


Jope 22 July 2003 13:28

Re: 060 on 3640 board

Originally posted by dmrvf
Anyone knows if i can install A 060 cpu an a 3640 board?
The 060 isn't totally opcode compatible with the older CPUs of the 68k range.. Even if you build a 5V -> 3.3V adapter (they are pin compatible IIRC), you'd need to patch the kickstart somehow to get the machine to boot.

The commercial 060 solutions have a ROM in there that takes control before the kickstart is executed.

I was quite disappointed when I got my first 060 board - many things stopped working with the new CPU. It was fun to have early kickstarts running on my A4000 when I had a CSMK1/040. I think even 1.1 was able to boot into a CLI :-)

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