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profo 12 June 2015 16:01

using FS-UAE with Steam In-Home Streaming
Hi Guys.

Im trying to stream FS-UAE (latest stable Windows Version) from my main gaming rig to a notebook used as htpc (both are win7 x64).
It goes well, i can see the launcher Window, edit Options and so on.
But when i want to play the newly opened window is not streamed, all i can see is the FS-UAE Main Window, the SDL-Window (?) is not streamed.
Is this working for anyone?

best regards

FrodeSolheim 12 June 2015 21:30

Hmm, I didn't know Steam in-home streaming worked with manually added shortcuts. But it seems that it does indeed work, quite well actually.

I successfully streamed FS-UAE Launcher + FS-UAE from a Windows computer to a Linux computer using Steam in-home streaming... it just worked!

Note: I used the latest development version :)

profo 16 June 2015 10:07

Hi Frode,

thank you for testing this. :)
When a newer version goes stable i am happy to update. ;)

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