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mingle 05 February 2012 01:53

Native mode scanlines grey, not black...
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I recently installed WinUAE and am running it with ClassicWBFull.

When I run any native screen modes (fullscreen) with scanlines enabled, the scanlines are grey (the same colour as the screen borders/background. - see attached pic)

The only way I've found to fix it is to run "bblank" from Workbench (which makes the scree borders black) - the scanlines then show correctly (black).

Not sure what other info I can provide?



mingle 05 February 2012 02:02

Update: I tried the latest beta (14) and it now works fine without bblank!

However, it also seems to run a fair bit slower than v2.3.3.0... According to sysinfo at least:

WinUAE = 79x the speed of a 25MHz 040 A4000
WinUAE b14 = 51x the speed of a 25MHz 040 A4000

Both running the exact same config - the only difference is the WinUAE executable..



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