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Hypex 20 September 2021 08:32

How to redefine host key to be Amiga key? [Resolved]

I'm using a laptop with no Right Windows or Menu key to use as Right Amiga. But it does have a Right Ctrl. Since Right Ctrl isn't a usual Amiga key I thought I would reassign it to Right Amiga. But I cannot get it to work. I looked up the guide which listed a lot of keys but I missed any example lines. I tried the following but I didn't see any change. I put it in the Advanced section of the Settings dialog. Am I missing something?


keyboard_key_kp_rctrl = action_key_amiga_right

Running on Linux Mint 64.

Following this guide:

FrodeSolheim 20 September 2021 10:27

Oops, typo in the docs, it should be
, not

In addition, the right ctrl is a bit special, since it is assigned to joystick emulation when applicable. This will override the input mapping. So you also need to make sure to use a real joystick - or no host device in the joystick ports (well, anything but keyboard joystick emulation).

Hypex 20 September 2021 12:51

Thanks! It works. Now I can use AmigaOS and not feel it's emulated.

I don't mind it overriding the input mapping. In fact I find joystick mapper annoying most of the time as I boot Workbench and wonder why my cursor keys are dead. Then after ten minutes realise what it is.

I managed to sync a PS4 controller with Linux over USB and then wireless so I'm all set for a joystick or joypad. It's a lot easier to play with than my real joysticks. Can't say it improves my skill though. :D

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