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mark_k 05 December 2012 15:44

File comments and shared folders
I seem to be having problems with file comments in shared folders.

I configured WinUAE to use a shared folder on a FAT32 partition, then copied some files to the shared folder (using the emulated Amiga) and set the comments of a couple of them.

Listing the files from CLI worked fine; the comments showed up as expected. Then I quit WinUAE and looked at the _UAEFSDB.___ file with a hex editor. That showed the filenames and comments of the two files.

However when I ran WinUAE again, it didn't seem to use the _UAEFSDB.___ file. Instead that file was truncated to 0 bytes and the comments were missing when I listed the files in the emulated Amiga. Does that happen for anyone else?

Toni Wilen 05 December 2012 23:14

I think you need to check if it it can be duplicated.

Toni Wilen 06 December 2012 11:15

I found (looks to be quite old too..) a bug that causes comments (and everything else stored in UAEFSDB) to be lost.

I am quite sure file wasn't truncated, did you check the file outside of AmigaOS?

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