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ramon.ortega 21 March 2005 16:29

Sas C 6.50 disk set corrupt
Hello, everybody.
I do not succeed to upgrade my copy of the SAS/C 6.50 to version 6.58.
When I apply the first patch to 6.55 it fail. I think that my disk set it is corrupt.
Someone can help me?
Thanks in advance.

Slayer 22 March 2005 07:31

You might be in luck... as long as you have a harddrive ;)

I've uploaded 6.58 harddrive version to the zone... about
the 4th time also... so enjoy


ramon.ortega 22 March 2005 10:21

I have tried your post on winuae and it works.:spin
Now I must try on my real Amiga 1200 060. The version that I got (SAS/C 6.50) crash on my real configuration and not in winuae.:confused
This is my configuration:
Amiga 1200 3.1 kickstart reckiked by Blitzkick
Blizzard 1260 + 16 Mb ram
AmigaOS 3.9
Hd 1 Gb

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