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Mad-Matt 24 January 2007 22:01

feature request
Thaught id get told off in the beta thread for asking so made new thread ;)

Is it currently possible to control uae settings, JIT settings in particular from within uae it self without accessing gui ?

What i would like is a command to turn it on/off so I can add it to the default whdload startup/end script. This would dissable jit before a game is run and reenable when workbench is back.

Toni Wilen 24 January 2007 22:58

key word is "uae-configuration"

Mad-Matt 24 January 2007 23:39


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen
key word is "uae-configuration"

I have spotted that program, but havent worked out how its used ? getting it to show current config is easy enough, but how is it used to change anything. its getting late and thats my excuse for currently not seeing a jit setting in the list ;)

thor 24 January 2007 23:46


Mad-Matt 25 January 2007 09:22

Thx for that guys. Should do the trick nicely, will do put that solution in place when i get home. ive been going into gui to enable/dissable all this time, now i feel abit of an idiot seeing the feature was there all along ;)

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