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PeterK 11 September 2021 20:43

main.aminet.net FTP down?
Is the Aminet FTP server at down?

I get EACCES denied, can't upload. Not even anonymous access to the ftp download ... ??

zipper 11 September 2021 21:37

At least I can download - perhaps a browser problem? As they have dropped ftp from many browsers.

PeterK 11 September 2021 21:49

Yes, I can get ftp://main.aminet.net with the Internet Explorer, too. And that's indeed, but when I try the same with Filezilla, I get "Access denied" now, never had that before. Maybe I get blocked again, the same happens with my email ...

Solved: Sorry, the new version of Filezilla was still blocked in my firewall. Now the connection was possible and the upload of the latest IconLib successful. :)

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