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Tolgod 07 September 2021 12:56

Hard drive icons in AOS 3.2
Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows why they have chosen for AOS 3.2 to have your hdd partitions show up in wb with a floppy icon and if there is an option to change this to icons which represent the hdd nature of the volumes better?
(I'm using the glow icons)

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Daedalus 07 September 2021 13:34

The floppy disk icon is the default icon for any drive that doesn't have its own icon, regardless of its physical nature. You can easily apply a hard drive icon by copying the disk.info file from the GlowIcons floppy.

Tolgod 07 September 2021 19:18

Tnx for the help Daedalus. I'll try it straight away.

gdonner 12 September 2021 19:53

And if you want default icons for both diskettes and hard drives, just be sure to rename the default hard drive icon in ENVARC:Sys/ to something other than disk.info; e.g. "def_diskette.info" and "def_harddisk.info" respectively, and ensure SYS:Prefs/DefaultIcons knows about both. :)

PeterK 12 September 2021 20:35

Usually the Workbench tries to load an icon from ENV:Sys for disks which is based on the device name:

for DF0 it would try to load ENV:Sys/def_DF0.info,
for DF1 then def_DF1.info, or
for DH0 it looks for def_DH0.info
for CD0 then def_CD0.info ... and so on,
and only if it can't find any matching name it loads def_disk.info.

Jpor 05 October 2021 00:22

If you want to try something different and want fancy OS 4.1 icons try getting hold of Ken’s Icon pack and copy icon :great

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