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Aladin 23 August 2021 19:18

Sergeant Seymour Robotcop
Sergeant Seymour Robotcop

an unrealized game of codemasters in 1992

Video by the author: Dave Spicer


Message from Dave Spicer:
"Sergeant Seymour: Robotcop was a budget game released for the Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 in 1992. Not many people are aware that Codemasters also commissioned versions for the Amiga and Atari ST. Here's a quick play through of around half of the levels on the Amiga. Note that this is a 50fps game, so playback on YouTube is a little janky.

Gameplay isn't as enjoyable as the 8-bit versions, despite using the same underlying logic. Larger sprites and tiles screw with the speed balancing and the game feels a bit "off". A few weeks spent polishing the gameplay and presentation would have improved the end result immensely. Frankly, my heart wasn't in it because I was at university at the time and mainly concerned with "getting it done" and collecting the pay cheque.

Jason Brashill's characterful sprites are the highlight for me. Everything else is a bit lacklustre"


Radertified 23 August 2021 19:35

OMG! I LOVE Sergeant Seymour on the C64.

How do we get the Amiga one?! I didn't even know it existed!

Predseda 24 August 2021 06:59

Hm, I quite enjoyed C64 version back then. Nice find.

kriz 24 August 2021 19:46

Woah, need this!!

Radertified 26 August 2021 19:21

Someone commented on his video:


Looks amazing!! Is there a download for us still using Amigas ?
And he responded:


Sadly not. Codemasters don't allow any distribution of legacy titles. I'd love to make this available, possibly with a few improvements, I just don't think it can ever happpen.

Belgarath 26 August 2021 19:54

Change the name, change the sprite, problem solved?

Radertified 26 August 2021 20:24

"Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop" sounds like a winner to me.

Bren McGuire 27 August 2021 01:24

true, especially the sprite, making this a Dizzy tie-in makes it look lame. this would be a much better game without a stupid egg in it.


Originally Posted by Belgarath (Post 1503090)
Change the name, change the sprite, problem solved?

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