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oneshout 22 August 2021 15:13

PUAE core (HDF + cd mount)
Hi all,
I have no problem with Winuae or FS-UAE for T-zero game from DamienD.
Now, it's not the same when i try to boot same HDF + CD (for audio tracks) in the same time on retroarch + puae core.
I've try some "Frankestein" .uae config but no luck.
Maybe someone have find a solution for this particular thing, any help will be welcome.
Tks and sorry for my bad english ;)

sonninnos 04 September 2021 18:45

The only thing missing from the conf should be 'scsi=true'.

At least that is what the core does if a CD is launched while "Global Boot HD" option is enabled, which makes it start A1200+CD instead of CD32, and CDA tracks in Bubble Heroes play fine.

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