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Fingerlickin_B 18 March 2015 09:19

FS-UAE (non-launcher) loading config created in Launcher?
Hi all,

I've created a configuration file using the Launcher version & from Launcher it loads my OS 4.1 installation just fine.

Renamed it to "default", so the no GUI regular non-launcher FS-UAE can see it, but I don't get any further than it loading Kickstart 3.1 screen.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Maybe the Launcher knows things not save in the configuration file, so regular non-GUI FS-UAE can't load it properly?


FrodeSolheim 18 March 2015 20:41

In some cases, configs created by FS-UAE Launcher needs to be launched via it. If you post the config in question, I can check if I see anything there.

Actually, if you use the portable version, that might be the problem. At least in 2.4.x, FS-UAE itself does not understand the portable directories, only the launcher does and starts FS-UAE "portable". This was improved in version 2.5.28dev, where FS-UAE itself also detects the portable directory.

Fingerlickin_B 19 March 2015 09:29

Thanks for the reply :)

Not using the portable version.

Here is the config file named "default.fs-uae":
# FS-UAE configuration saved by FS-UAE Launcher
# Last saved: 2015-03-15 02:29:32

amiga_model = A4000/OS4
floppy_drive_volume = 0
hard_drive_0 = /users/somedude/documents/fs-uae/hard drives/OS4.1.hdf
hard_drive_0_type = rdb
kickstart_file = /users/somedude/documents/fs-uae/kickstarts/Kickstart v3.1 r40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A4000).rom
uae_a2065 = slirp
uaegfx_card = 1


FrodeSolheim 19 March 2015 22:18

Nothing with the config which suggests loading it directly in FS-UAE should cause any different behavior.

You should double-check that it actually opens in the same FS-UAE version as you use with FS-UAE Launcher. From the paths it looks like you are using OS X, and the OS X version of Launcher includes a bundled FS-UAE.app. Perhaps the FS-UAE you open the config directly in is an older FS-UAE version? (Please check fs-uae.log.txt)

If this does not explain it, please send two copies of fs-uae.log.txt to frode@fs-uae.net, one after you have started the config via FS-UAE Launcher and one where you have started it directly.

Fingerlickin_B 20 March 2015 12:22

Before sending you the files...

I'm using 2.5.29dev "FS-UAE Launcher.app & FS-UAE Arcade.app"

There is no bundled fs-uae with it, just Launcher & Arcade.

For basic fs-UAE I also downloaded 2.5.29dev "FS-UAE.app / emulator only (No configuration GUI)" from the same page. This is what I'm trying to load it from.


Fingerlickin_B 21 March 2015 13:28

No clarification?

Okay Frode, I have emailed you the logs :)


FrodeSolheim 21 March 2015 16:19

Hi, I have now analyzed the logs and come to an conclusion. The problem is the config line:

uaegfx_card = 1
This is not compatible at all with AmigaOS 4.1, and this causes the boot problem in FS-UAE. If you remove this line, you automatically get a Picasso IV graphics card (default for the A4000/OS4 model).

The reason it works when started with FS-UAE Launcher is that it (for some internal reasons) explicitly sets graphics_card = picassoiv-z3 when it loads fs-uae with an A4000/OS4 model. This option then "wins" over the older and conflicting option uaegfx_card = 1.

So in short, just remove

uaegfx_card = 1
from your configuration file, and then try!

Fingerlickin_B 22 March 2015 03:04

Thanks Frode,

I have removed uaegfx_card = 1 from the config.

Unfortunately nothing has changed. Launcher still runs this config fine, however non-launcher version still just loads the KS3.1 screen :(


FrodeSolheim 22 March 2015 17:09

Please upload or send the new fs-uae.log.txt for the standalone case (you don't need to send the log from the working / launcher case).

Fingerlickin_B 23 March 2015 08:52

Sure thing Frode & thanks for all your assistance :)

There are too many characters to post in the thread, so will email it to you.


Email sent ;)

FrodeSolheim 23 March 2015 17:48

Thanks, I managed the reproduce the problem, and I have investigated some. ROM handling code has changed in the latest WinUAE betas, and a side effect in FS-UAE is that parts of UAE don't think the Cyberstorm ROM is loaded / activated (simplified explanation).

I'm still determining the best way to fix it in FS-UAE, but you don't need to provide any more help / debug information :)

Until it is fixed, the problem can be worked around by using the accelerator_rom option, and point this to your cyberstormppc.rom file. FS-UAE Launcher does this automatically, which is why it "accidentally works" when launched from FS-UAE Launcher.

Fingerlickin_B 24 March 2015 07:32

Success! :D

Thanks again Frode, working now!


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