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rick4676 10 December 2005 12:48

Absolute Beginner
(I'm a bit worried about posting this, as I'm predicting some abuse, but hopefully someone can help me!)
I'm a total novice, who just wants to play some old Amiga games, and I have very little computing knowledge. I'm finding the FAQs here assume a bit too much prior knowledge, don't start at the beginning, and are lacking a very basic walkthrough of how to operate an emulator. (If I've missed something there please feel free to point me in the right direction).

I've downloaded WinUAE, I have some old games in ZIP files, and I have (legally!) obtained the correct ROM file - but that's as far as it goes. Is anyone prepared to explain the process to me, and how I can get my Amiga games up and running?

Many thanks for all your help.

woody57 10 December 2005 19:30

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I will agree there is not an obvious to find "Idiots guide to WIN UAE" though don't assume I am labeling all NON previous Amiga users as morons ;)

There have been a few attempts to create simpler to follow set up guides but without genuine "newbie" feed back, its difficult to know which is going to work best for a first time user .

The easiest one I have attached below PLEASE let me KNOW if it works for you !

Charlie 10 December 2005 21:33

The Amiga is a very complex computer so not suprisingly so is the emulator.
Keep @ it - it's well worth the effort.

If you're using *UAE for Games only @ present you may find the following of use:
I hope it doesn't muddy the waters if you give it a go.

I'm glad to say I've never been flamed for asking 'dumb' questions on this board - got to start somewhere - so ask away.

Bloodwych 11 December 2005 11:06

Well, if you've read the FAQ you should have already given pre-installed setups a try:


Install this, download killergorilla's whdload packs and un-archive them into the games directory and you're good to go.

If you have any problems, post in the classicwb forum for help. :)

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