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Akira 21 August 2003 01:19

My 1200 is locking up frequently and I think I can blame MCP. When I boot without no shit added, the machine runs fine for hours on end. Now I changed a setting in MCP and I cant even open a bloody window without the meega GURUing.

Is there any new version, or, do I *really* need MCP? I have no fucking clue about most of the patches included in it, and I don't know if it is safe to turn them on or off...

Any help apreciated.

Akira 21 August 2003 03:14

After deleting the config file, and just turning on the patches that I do understand, the machine works just fine! Seems like one of the more compromised patches (processor maybe?) is fucking up the system.

Now all is well, except two things:

1) I used to have turned on a patch that allowed me to double-click a window to bring it to front. What's its name? It's not clicktofront, like the WB commodity

2) dunno if MCP has something to do with this, but... now when I enter the Fonts preferences, and I try to set the icon font, the fonts window doesnt appear, only the "text and field color' window. WTF?
[edit] I clicked on PROCEED and the font requester appeared... It wasn't like this before, how strange. Oh well....

Codetapper 21 August 2003 06:26

Are you sure number 1 isn't ClickToFront? I thought ClickToFront was buggy for ages until I realised they had set some stupid default for the key combination to bring the window to the front. If you look in the tooltypes you'll see it...

Akira 21 August 2003 06:37

I mean a patch from within MCP. I know it is like that because once I resetted MCP the ability was gone, I didn't touch any commodity.

Maybe the Key Shortcuts ? I will try. let's hope the system doesn't go ballistic, it's working *very* well since I removed all that crap.

Another patch w=question: should I really use BlazeWCP?Doesn't seem to be of much use to me, but I oculd be missing somehting.

Severin 21 August 2003 12:01

MCP is a badly written hack, It works on basic 1200's with a bit of extra ram, but above that, problems start to creep in, it totally fails on A4k's with 060's, and is not happy with 040's :(

I reccommend you try MultiCX (aminet), it's not as big and clunky as MCP, doesn't have all the features (it's mostly missing the ones that cause problems) but it has all the usuall patches and the docs arn't too bad either...

PM me for the 'Registration Details'

as for BlazeWCP, you only need it for things like doom / quake etc. and if you havn't got a gfx card...

woody57 21 August 2003 15:28

I agree with Sevrin !
... On the two 16mb 1230 expanded 1200,s I,ve run I never found a way of intergrating it without conflicts with other patches , twice I ended up having to reinstall workbench just to clear out its effects . .. But I,m just a humble user not a tech specialist .. so I don,t have any "Fix " solutions .:( SORRY

Akira 21 August 2003 16:38

Hey Sev, thanks for the mega tips! I will download MujtiCX RIGHT NOW.

I remember I dloaded BlazeWCP for trying out ScummVM... Besides of that I never found any other use for it. Yep, I have no GFX card.

Will report results here. I'm about to make the switch to SFS too :)

Akira 21 August 2003 19:58

well, MultiCX is a beaut :) I have disabled most of MCP's patches. I'm still keeping it because of only ONE bloody reason: ForceHiResPointer works better with it, and MCP's screen promotion facility works better with the AHX Tracker (ModePro makes the Amiga crash with AHX when I switch from the pattern editor to the instrument editor)

Is ModePro really the best mode promotion app?

Severin 21 August 2003 23:33


ONE bloody reason
ONE bloody answer: scrap it... it's not worth the memory for one hack...

add this tooltype to MultiCX:


:) :)

Woodshed: it's all your fault, I've got to find a Fat Freddy Avatar now...

Edit: oops forgot the ModePro bit...

give NewMode a try, it's not as configurable as ModePro but I've used it for many, many years without problems...

Akira 22 August 2003 01:08

Ta for the tooltype, and new modepromotion proggy.

Actually, there were two reasons I wrote :D

Will report again :D

haynor666 22 August 2003 06:33

Hmm... I have also problems with MCP, for example with Reqtools patch and GUI3D hack.

Akira 22 August 2003 07:34

NewMode still fucks up the machine after I load AHX... I need to turn it off for a while and back on again for it not to lock up when i click on an icon (!).

I guess I'm stuck with MCP for now. It's working OK, much better than before, so it's fine. For now :P

woody57 22 August 2003 12:21

What Sevrin ? How it my fault ?
..... have you been forced to change avatar because of sudden wieght gain due to a gravitational flux in your local area thus compressing and increasing the density of your frame ?, or have my inane and often pointless posts driven you to despair and despondency so much that you now wish to disguise your distinguished features so I wont harass you in thread ? { thinks MAYBEE Stalker could be a career change ! }
if so I,m sorry !:eek

Severin 22 August 2003 16:17

Unfortunately I am the 'gravitational flux in your local area' :(

as for 'or have my inane and often pointless posts driven you to despair and despondency', hmmm, well, no more than everybody elses :)

hmmm, I will have to remember 'distinguished features' it's a bit more polite than the usual 'ugly fat bastard' :)

oh, and harass away and NEVER apologise to a harassee, it's a sign of weakness :)

and of course Fat Freddy has been a role model to me for most of my life...

woody57 22 August 2003 16:23

The Assasins Art........
......is to lure the victim into a sense and false security then strike with deadly force and having struck move onto the next target
{ See I am doing my homework! }:D

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