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turrican3 16 November 2017 02:45

ntsc 60 frames sec ?
Hi guys do we know the ntsc games with real 60 fps scrolling.
ntsc games which are not alone faster but smoother.
In fact, which ntsc amiga is really better than the pal version ???
Do we have a specialist ?? it could be an aga or a cd32 game too.

LongLifeA1200 16 November 2017 17:08

Interesting question seeing as NTSC displays less lines per frame and the CPU speed increases slightly.

A lot of games for the Amiga were developed in the UK, with PAL Mode first in mind. So I imagine games developed in the USA for the Amiga have a better chance of at least trying to target 60 frames per second with smooth scrolling.

Unless a UK developer was making the game for a US publisher and it was insisted that NTSC be a priority. So US game publishers of Amiga games would be a good place to start looking even if the developer was based in the UK.

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