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killergorilla 04 October 2012 11:54

That's not an error.

All items in the menu have ids.

Games are G0000_0.iff
Demos are D0000_0.iff
Menus are M0000_0.iff

Ignore that :)

TCD 04 October 2012 11:57

Just to sum it up: It works in standard AmiKit, AmigaSYS and AIAB with the iff.library in place now, but it still doesn't work in your own AmiKit?

Retrofan 04 October 2012 12:23

Yep, so it isn't so important now. Anyway I will post here when I'll find the problem :)

TCD 04 October 2012 12:26

Thanks for the tests Retrofan :)

You could try and disable applications that you load that aren't in the standard AmiKit one by one and see which one causes the problem. Would make it a lot easier for us to fix it then :)

killergorilla 04 October 2012 12:28


Are you actually getting kgload loading at all?

Or is it just not showing screenshots/boxart?

If it's not loading at all, use the beta6 from the first post and then check the error.log (which is now working).

Retrofan 04 October 2012 13:35

I've found the problem, and I had said I was thinking about it. It's Cyberbugfix http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=57250

I've made a copy of the hdf of CWB39 where KGLoad works perfectly and I've installed on it (like I've got in my Amikit) CyberBugFix, and I've got exactly the same problem.

CyberBugFix is the best patch to save memory, and I believe CWB is using it as an option to install.

If you could make it to work with it... :bowdown

It's just something about the screen mode I believe. If you are using Superplus you will find now you have CGXSuperplus

killergorilla 04 October 2012 13:52

A) Have you tried beta 6?

B) Is there an error.log?

Retrofan 04 October 2012 13:55

Yes I've tried it (if you haven't changed it from this morning) and in Profiles-Default there isn't any error.log

killergorilla 04 October 2012 14:17

Ok try THIS

It's just the kg file, drop it in your kgload folder.

No guarantees!

Retrofan 04 October 2012 14:31

Nope. It keeps the same :( ,using it or the KGLoad icon.

Remember the old version works, so there must be any difference.

killergorilla 04 October 2012 14:31

Yeah I thought as much. Ok cool.

Expect a new file in 10 mins.

killergorilla 04 October 2012 14:37

Right, try again now: THIS

mfilos 04 October 2012 15:13

CyberBugFix is indeed a nice hack to save memory but it can make your system unstable. IIRC Bloodwych had some incidents with it as well (can't recall atm) but after I had some issues in the past, I decided to ditch it from my ClassicWB system, removing it from BMenu entries as well :)
Life is nice being stable (even with less memory :P)

Retrofan 04 October 2012 16:07

It keeps the same.

The incidents Bloodwych had are in my link above, it was just with the installation, but he liked it so much that he included it in the packs.

killergorilla 04 October 2012 17:25

And once more for luck...


Run it from shell ('kg'), and let me know what numbers are displayed in the shell window.

Retrofan 04 October 2012 18:19

Hehehehe :bowdown Now it works!!! Thanks a lot.
Anyway the numbers are 15,16,17

The pity is that I have been uploading a CWB39 with CyberBugFix for two hours to send you, and now you don't need it.
(Edit, well, no, it was uploading for 15 minutes, the rest of time was me making it look better, lol).

Thanks master.

Edit: I didn't run it from Shell with the hurry, I used the normal icon.

killergorilla 04 October 2012 18:56

Ah great news!

I'll get rid of all the debug numbering and upload a clean version.

Retrofan 04 October 2012 19:02

That is what I was going to tell you. BTW I don't know how you've done the images, but they look perfect using 16 colors, like I've got. Dunno if they get automatically remapped, if they use more colors or what, but they are great.

Edit: I forgot to say that I like this laucher (now) more than IGame. And BTW when do you think you (both) can have all the images for a KGWHDload complete pack? And the last thing is that if you need to try it with a CWB39 with CyberBugFix and remapped with Rebel's palette working with 16 colors I can send you a link to an hdf.

Edit: ... While you answer... What you need now is a better icon to launch it (my opinion). You could put a drawer with a couple to choose jeje, or to ask here for someone to make it. Yellow, black and red are the best colors to use.

killergorilla 06 October 2012 03:19

The screenshots will be ready as soon as they are ready. Maybe the end of the month.

As for an icon, not exactly high on my priority list! Maybe someone else could provide one :)

New beta online after the weekend.

T_hairy_bootson 07 October 2012 07:49

When I run a whdload game from KGLoad I get the unregistered WHDLoad nag screen.

If I run the same game directly from wb... no problem... I know it reads my whdload config file because my nominated quitkey works.

whdload 17.1

edit: seems I didnt have the whdload keyfile in S on this CF drive, just in C. Copied it over to S and all good.

Still strange that running whdload games from the wb didnt care.

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