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turrican3 17 April 2008 02:03

Blend consecutive frames
Toni, is it possible for you to add this checkbox ?: Blend consecutive frames
When the checkbox is checked, two consecutive frames are blended.
games should run smoother (when it's needed)
That could help games which have not enough fps, games which jerk.
Thank you to think about it.
please give me an answer tell me if you need something to realize that.
Or if you don't care;)

Toni Wilen 17 April 2008 07:52

It will look horrible.

spajdr 17 April 2008 08:37

turrican3 : this should be posted here


Npl 17 April 2008 18:45

Thats already possible, given the right hardware http://www.digilize.com/spellspoil/temp/bong.jpg

turrican3 17 April 2008 22:25


Originally Posted by Toni Wilen (Post 408179)
It will look horrible.

bluemsx did it and the result still looking good, i don't know if it could looking good with amiga games, if it's easy to implement perhaps you could give it a try ?
It could enhance really crap animated games, for the others games there is no interest.

spiff 17 April 2008 22:27

It's available on some TVs, Motion Plus, 100hz motion and so on.. interpolating frames, which makes object appear sharper in (film)motion.

It's fuckin horrible, massive artifacts.

turrican3 17 April 2008 22:31

try bluemsx, and i just think about for really bad animations in game surely not for games like shadow of the beast, etc... just crappy animated games.

smoorke 17 April 2008 22:59

Wouldn't this slow down your emulation even further? And thus adding to the problem you are attempting to hide.

turrican3 18 April 2008 00:38


Originally Posted by smoorke (Post 408324)
Wouldn't this slow down your emulation even further? And thus adding to the problem you are attempting to hide.

i don't think so, i have a good pc ;)
And the problem is that games badly programmed not a problem with winuae or the pc lack of power. If it should for these games i could disable filters, it just could have an interest with really badly animated games.I just ask this if it's fast and easy to implement, if not toni don't bother with this, don't loose your time something that the result couldn't be great.
You know what is real difficult with winuae now is to found something new to add.
it miss just : iso mounter and for me nothing else i think.after, all the job is improve compatibility, but the compatibility is great yet for me.:great

Toni Wilen 18 April 2008 08:39

Do I have to repeat again: I do not implement filters. GPL compatible filter source required.

IFW 18 April 2008 08:39

The algo used for this effect is far more complicated than just blending frames... ;)

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