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Aardvark 07 February 2021 09:19



1996 purchase information:


M*A*S*H is really only a P.D taster of the full shareware sequel.

M*A*S*H II features :

Split Screen 2 Player mode !
Player one plays with the normal mouse while player two either plays
with a second mouse or uses the new joystick/keyboard control system . The
whole thing runs just as fast as the 1 player game .

New Vehicles !
Jet powered Zeppelins can drop bombs on the opposition , while troop
transports carry the fresh eager new recruits to be butchered at the front
line .

New Weapons !
Landmines , Hand Grenades , Cluster bombs and Lazers !

30 New Levels & Custom Map Editor !
This is the same editor I used to create the maps in this game . Make
your own levels using your own graphics and palette .

Water !
The same as in gravity force , except the spuds drown !

Indestructable scenery and traps !
Now you not only have to blow up the other guy , you have to figure
out how to get there to kill him in the first place . The traps include such
wonders as The Inca God of Death and Lizzy the Spud Eating Venus Fly Trap .

Loads more animation & sound effects !
More funny , more gory !

More inteligent computer player !
Well , less suicidal anyway !

If you have little memory ( e.g A500 ) the game will now load up sound effects.

All this costs you a paltry £ 7.00 or if you include your own blank disk £ 6.00.

Can you afford not to buy this game ?

To subscribe simply send a cheque or postal order for the correct
amount to this address :

Chris Gregan
Sheaf O' Wheat
Co. Meath

If you would like to send £10.00 I'll send you whatever I program next ,
probably M*A*S*H III , as soon as I complete it AND all the latest updates .

Of course this is completely optional , and I'd be delighted to recieve the
plain flavoured subscriptions , so please don't feel in any way obliged to send
ten pounds !

One last point ,
If you have happened to have subscribed for my last shareware game Ant Wars ,
and if you want to receive M*A*S*H II please just send me a blank disk and I'll
happily send you on a copy . ( Dodgy characters looking for a free game , no
chance . I have all the names and addresses of my subscribers stored ! )

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