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Crackersixx 28 January 2008 17:30

Amiga Search Tool (for craigslist)
Hi all,

I've created a little app to help find Amiga related ads on craigslist.

Its a small executable with one config file.
The config file contains a list of url's (search url's based on city) that perform the searches. I've pre-populated the config file with some test cities. You will want to tailor this with your local area (maybe).

You can generate a url for your target city by searching craigslist manually then pressing the "RSS" link in the lower-right corner and copying the URL to the config file.

The application will search all the urls listed in the config file and return you one result-set. Clicking on the result you want to see, the details will be loaded and shown (along with a link to the actual craigslist ad).

It has turned out to be a handy little tool IMHO.
The program was written in C#.Net and requires .Net Framework 2.0 be installed, so install that first you do not have it.

Download it here:

Feedback and suggestions welcome :)


nc88keyz 01 February 2008 01:54

i have .opml files allowing for all usa cananda and mex/

its nice ;)

I have em for CD32, Amiga, etc.

nc88keyz 01 February 2008 01:56

I should warn do not attempt to use websites as craigslist will ban your IP address swiftly. You have been warned.

If you are going to use national searches and craigslist frowns upon this you damn well better use via RSS.

nc88keyz 01 February 2008 01:58

Its also funny if you search the AmigaMaggot Want lists you will see we all have a similar add on craigslist accross the country for we are Amiga Recycler Enviormentalists saving amigas everywhere from certain Doom!!!

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