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BinoX 06 November 2007 13:35

Considering selling my CS MKIII
As title says,

I'm considering selling my Cyberstorm MKIII (50MHz 060)...

Anyone here interested? (Make offers)

lopos2000 06 November 2007 14:36

Not an offer but good luck. Sold mine on eBay at the end. Was quicker and you don't get silly offers.

keropi 06 November 2007 14:40

wow, this is the BEST 060 card for the 3000/4000...

AMIGAZ 06 November 2007 14:54


Originally Posted by keropi (Post 369389)
wow, this is the BEST 060 card for the 3000/4000...

Yeah, it's very tempting....mmm...dreaming of putting a CS MKIII in my A3000...mmmm :spin

alexh 06 November 2007 15:09

You know that I want one, but you also know that I cannot justify an Ebay price :(

I could perhaps go to £200

Zetr0 06 November 2007 15:09


As lopos2000 states to "get what its worth" at least in the current market then fleabay is perhaps the only option my friend...

unless of course you want to swap it for my CS mk 2 and my undying love LOL (yeah... i know I am cheap LOL)

anyways my friend good luck with your sale.

BinoX 06 November 2007 17:20

I'm not even 100% sure that I'm gunna sell it yet...

I have 4 choices for what to do... And this is in order of preference, but depends on what happens... (items 3 and 4 are roughly level with each other)

1) Get another A4k motherboard and use it in a system
2) Build another A1200 tower and connect it to a Micronik Z3i MKII (Which I already own)
3) Keep it as a spare/let if gather dust :p
4) Sell it

I don't really wanna sell it... lol... But I don't wanna leave it to gather dust either... And finding an A4k motherboard is never easy... and it does seem a waste to use it in an A1200 with a zorro busboard... lol

alexh 06 November 2007 19:36

Personally I'd like to spend my time and money on "MegaMig".

A new PCB to build on MiniMig.

128 Mbytes of SDRAM
060 @ 100MHz
24-bit video DAC
Bigger FPGA
802.11n WiFi (Maybe 802.11b Prism chipset for existing drivers?)

Unfortunately I dont have any money, I dont have any experience with PCB design, and I dont have any time :(

BinoX 11 November 2007 23:18

Would accept an (almost full.. quickpak + £25 I think seems fair... since the CSMKIII is actually better.. lol) trade for a QuikPak 4060 to put in my A3000T, just 'cause it'd look cool :D

Paul_s 12 November 2007 00:23

not selling the 2631 yet? ;) :D I wish I could find the other. Then we could meet and join the 2631's together and their journey would be finalised and they'd live happily ever after :crying God I'm so sad :D

alexh 12 November 2007 01:09

Get me a CSMKIII and I'll make you an A2631. It's not as though it has to work or anything ;)

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