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Tetris_Stream 02 January 2021 16:08

Streaming FS-UAE using OBS
Hi Guys, very happy to be a member of this forum! Thank you for having me. :)

It may be that I end up having to ask this question in an OBS forum instead, but well, perhaps one of you will have an answer for me here...

I am running FS-UAE (3.0.5) on my PC. Everything seems to work just fine in terms of running Amiga games.

The only thing is, recently I created a Twitch account to stream Tetris games.

I'm still waiting for my capture card to arrive so I can stream NES games. In the meantime I did a test stream using OBS, showing a jpeg image, and mixing in audio from a youtube video as well as my own mic. All went well (test stream is up on twitch.tv/tetrisstream ).

Then I tried to stream my desktop and that went well too, but when I ran FS-UAE and played Tetris 2, OBS wasn't able to stream it (I just get a black screen, or sometimes a frozen still image from FS-UAE appear). :crying

Is anyone here successfully streaming FS-UAE on OBS? Did you have any initial problems, and if so, how did you solve them?

Also, if anyone has general hints and tips which might relate to my problem, that will be appreciated. Cheers & beers! :)

EDIT: Oh, I am using Windows 7, and my GFX card is a Ge-Force GTX960.

chip 02 January 2021 16:22

No idea about your issue ...... but welcome to the forum ! :)

Tetris_Stream 02 January 2021 23:36

Thank you very much. I'm really hoping that someone here is going to be able to help, since I'm not getting any responses at all over at the OBS forum. :-/

cloverskull 03 January 2021 00:31

I'm not sure how frequently Frode checks this forum, it may be worth filing a github issue - https://github.com/FrodeSolheim/fs-uae

fxgogo 03 January 2021 00:52

So I suspect the Amiga window is a special media playback window. I get this when screen recodering with some dedicated software we have at work. I managed to get OBS to see the playback by not capturing the screen, rather the program itself. I think it was the program itself, or it might of been something similar. Basically the playback from FS-UAE is almost overlaid on top of the desktop. By the way, you should look at upgrading from windows 7. Microsoft stopped supporting that OS last year, so you will be vunerable to attacks more as time goes by.

FrodeSolheim 03 January 2021 03:42

FS-UAE does not do anything special with regards to video, it is using OpenGL quite normally (so for streaming purposes, I assume it should work like any other game / software using OpenGL rendering).

fxgogo 03 January 2021 04:18

Yeah that is what the software we use at work uses OpenGL. Thanks for the specifics FrodeSolheim. Goodness, 10 days away from work and my mind goes to mush.

Argo 04 January 2021 00:39

OBS has no issues capturing FS-UAE on my PC

Tetris_Stream 06 January 2021 21:42

Hi guys. Thanks very much for the feedback. I will keep plugging away at this issue, and maybe one day I will discover what the problem is with my setup.

Cheers & beers!

EDIT: Problem solved. I had to select the option of streaming a game application rather than streaming my desktop. It was basically a problem caused by my total inexperience with OBS, and not any kind of problem with FS-UAE. :)

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