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Gaula92 03 April 2009 16:28

winuae stalls/pauses for several seconds
every version I've tried keeps pausing for 2-3 seconds once in a while (every 15 minutes, for example) with sound buffer repeating.

I've managed to build a dedicated system with my 1,6Gz ATOM eee box, with no processes stealing cpu cycles, and no HD activity associated with those slowdows (I had cpu activity before, but I've tweaked pagefiles and indexing, so it's gone).

Do you have any idea of the cause? WinUAE is the only emulator causing this strange issue. I suspected hyper-threading could be the cause, but setting the cpu affinity to just one cpu doesn't help, so that's not the cause.

can you point out other possibilities?
small (512KB L2) cache? that would affect other emulators, and it doesn't...

NewDeli 03 April 2009 16:52

sorry to say : ATOM cpus shouldn't be used for more power hungry devices than say, Nintendo DS; But that's just my 2cent.

cosmicfrog 03 April 2009 17:35

thats bull Deleauvive Winuae works on my wind clone abet I have to adjust the sound buffers its an atom 1.6Mhz with 2 gig o ram

NewDeli 03 April 2009 19:20

this problem may come from Atom interaction with other components of the system (chipset...).
But I still think Atom is not the best suited CPU for WinUAE. gaula88, 'tis true its small cache doesn't help.

What game are you trying to play with it ?

Toni Wilen 03 April 2009 19:37

First, it surely has nothing to do with Atom.

Unfortunately I don't see anything useful information, not even if it happens in all configurations or only in some specific ones..

NewDeli 03 April 2009 20:06

AFAIK, Atom is a chip with hardcoded power-saving features (and a lot of enhancements left out to make it run cooler), a low MHz count and a small cache.

Depending on the chosen OS, the presence of upgraded hardware or not (e.q. HD replaced with a faster model), it will make WinUAE run smoothly or not.

Intel went real cheap on that one, but again you might get lucky if you try hard enough. This said, cats don't make dogs. (I'd rather go with AMD Neo -K8 powaaa :cool , personally)

I use a Yahoo Widget to monitor CPU usage : SystemDashboard. May be some other processes steal your CPU cycles while WinUAE is at work...

Toni Wilen 03 April 2009 20:12

Whatever but low power would cause CONSTANT issues, not random issues every 15mins..

Gaula92 03 April 2009 21:12

let's see:

Intel Atom 1.66Ghz
WinXp SP3

No AV software or memory/cpu consuming processes in the background.

WinUAE tested versions from 1.5.3 to 1.6.0 Beta21.

-ECS, PAL System
-68020 CPU (no cycle-exact emulation, more compatible, sprite & backgr collisions, no JIT), 3.1 ROM
-Exact A500 speed.
-Sound output on portaudio, ASIO4ALL, buffer set on 1 (smallest possible), or DirectSound (same small buffer).
-Video mode: custom 720x576@50Hz resolution (I think it shoud be supported in the GUI, by the way), fullscreen.
-Null filter.
-Input mode on USB PS2 pad.

any other info you need, just ask


Toni Wilen 04 April 2009 00:25

Do you mean it randomly pauses for few seconds if you let some game intro run long enough using quickstart a500? (compatibility set to middle = no ce)

Does it happen if sound is disabled?

Perhaps it is caused by some power saving feature.

Gaula92 08 April 2009 16:35

I've been doing some research on this issue. I am also very sad because I couldn't find it's cause.
-No powersaving features in my machines.
-I was wrong. It doesn't happen in A500 quickstart mode. Sorry for the mistake in previous report.
-It happens in 68020, rom 3.1, with or without sound , and "max cpu speed but mantaining chipset timing".
-It happens THE SAME in an ATOM 1.66 machine AND IN A CORE2DUO 2.20 MACHINE! It means the problem is something using 100% cpu resources in ANY processor.

I think I've partially discoveed it's cause: max cpu speed but mantaining chipset timing. This mode is supposed to use 100% host CPU to archieve the highest possible speed in the emulated cpu. Once in a while, Windows will run whatever it has to, and CPU usage goes over 100%, causing those stalls.

IT SHOULD be fixed by setting the "CPU IDLE" slider at 4 or 5, but IT IS NOT. It still happens-. This point makes me worry, as it seems there's something I don't understand about WinUAE configuration! I've been re-reading posts and docs again, but I just don't get it.

So what could be a solution?
Adjustable between cpu and chipsets seems to be a possibility: what setting do you recommend for A1200 emulation?


Toni Wilen 08 April 2009 16:57

Do you see any dips in task manager CPU usage graph when it happens?

Gaula92 08 April 2009 18:46

It's fixed now!!!

I just had to turn off vsync!! If you use full screen mode, you don't need vsync: a double-buffered display seems to be activated by default!!!

I almost finished Harlequin without pauses/stalls at all!!

And YES: and ATOM in ENOUGH to emulate ANY Amiga game.

Thanks Toni!!

kirk 08 April 2009 20:33

ive only just stumbled across this thread, so its a bit late to chip in with my 2pennys worth,
but i was gonna say that i run winuae on an atom samsung nc10 with no probs (come back win xp, all is forgiven !) , i never had vsync turned on.
even aga runs ok (mainly) using winuae 1.2, although i think maybe winuae 1.5.3 runs it a tad slower but i cud be wrong there, more scrutiny needed by lazy me.

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