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Storm 14 June 2021 06:17

Workbench 3.2 Issues
Finally got around to installing and testing 3.2 and it's very nice. Good-bye HappyENV or HDEnv! After a few teething problems, I have everything pretty much sorted out as I updated my old install. These issues are based on my experiences.

1. The only problem I can't seem to solve is the Workbench screen locks up as well as keyboard input if I plug in an external hard drive via USB. I have a feeling it's got something to do with the massstorage.class of Poseidon 4.5. Weird thing is, if I load up Directory Opus 4.x and then plug the drive in, I can access the drive like normal. All my hard drives are using PFS3 as the file system, internal and external.

Machine 1: A4000, Cyberstorm MKII 060, X-Surf 100 with Rapid Road, Deneb and Picasso IV.
Machine 2: A2000, GVP 030, X-Surf 100 with Rapid Road.

2. I have to disable extra RAM to get PCMCIA cards to work, like pre OS 3.1.4 days on my A600. I never had to do this with OS 3.1.4. Something to do with card.resource?

Machine: A600 with Furia 020 (white version).

Storm 26 June 2021 05:03

Seems like I must be the only one experiencing these little issues :confused

crazyc 26 June 2021 12:06


I have only put 3.2 on my secondary a1200 (see my signature) but have no issue with USB sticks via my rapid road and poseidon. All seems to work OK.

I tink I read somewhere that yes they reverted to an earlier card resource?

Not Sure about the Execute thing - will have a look later as my WHDLOAD seems to work OK, but then again I did add various bits and bobs back to get other things to work. I think WBRUN comes to mind.

Storm 26 June 2021 19:10

USB sticks work fine, it's external hard drives that don't. Mind you they all are PFS3 formatted. Strange thing is, my CF Cards using PFS3, work in a card adapter to USB fine.

gdonner 01 July 2021 16:57


Originally Posted by Storm (Post 1492484)
Seems like I must be the only one experiencing these little issues :confused

No, you're not (unfortunately)--but to my knowledge, while the newer card.resource solved some things, it inadvertently broke some other things; hence the reversion until the root issue(s) causing all the problems can be found.

Storm 10 July 2021 12:31

I'm a bit surprised that no devs have made any comments. It's definitely a PFS3 + USB + OS 3.2 problem that I just can't figure out. I didn't have these problems with OS 3.1.4.

Lisko 10 July 2021 13:07

I don't have Execute anymore in C: and my whdload startup and cleanup scripts, which I use for stopping & starting my network card, work fine.

Storm 10 July 2021 13:30

Yes the execute part of the problem seems to work fine now here too, don't know what happened before. I'll edit that part out of my original post since it's no longer an issue.

AMIGASYSTEM 10 July 2021 13:38


Originally Posted by Lisko (Post 1495093)
I don't have Execute anymore in C: .

Execute is now a Internal command (is located in the kickstart) :)

Lisko 10 July 2021 13:42


Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM (Post 1495100)
Execute is now a Internal command (is located in the kickstart) :)

I know I wrote this because OP was having problems with it out of C:

Storm 10 July 2021 13:57

They do include an execute command for backwards compatibility on the Install and Disk Doctor disks.

AMIGASYSTEM 10 July 2021 14:05

The Execute Command is very important, without this Command you would not be able to execute scripts from Shell or Icons.

Storm 12 July 2021 14:24

I know what the Execute Command does, that's not the problem here. It's the PFS3+USB+OS3.2 issue that's frustrating me, try as I might, I just can't find what's causing this.

Firestone 12 July 2021 21:40

It's been a while since I used USB on my Amiga, but what should happen excactly when you plug in a harddrive via USB? Is there some kind of gui that would show up to mount it, or is it just mounted automatically in the background?

I had some issues with 3.1.4 -> 3.2 on my A1200 where there was older versions of .gadget and .class-files in LIBS:
I was unable to run certain programs because the system tried to load the .class-file from LIBS: instead of SYS:classes/ which is added via Assign Libs: Sys:classes/add in user-startup.

If you try to dump with SnoopDOS with everything turned on when connecting the harddrive vs the USB-stick, what would this look like?

Storm 13 July 2021 05:11

I tried to use our friend SnoopDOS but nothing shows up. The systems isn't completely frozen, you can still use the mouse but nothing else works. Right click will still bring up MagicMenu I have installed though, but that's about it. It does the same thing on two different machines that have USB.

I have noticed that I can setup and format a CF Card in my USB adapter and that's fine. It's after you copy stuff too the new drive that it has issues. It's almost as soon as the drive is scanned with Amiga files and drive icons that the problem occurs. This does not happen with Fat95 USB sticks etc. I did think maybe an icon.library problem but the A4000 is using Peter K's TC020 library and the A2000 is using the Hyperion 3.2 library.

AMIGASYSTEM 13 July 2021 09:55


Originally Posted by Storm (Post 1495550)
This does not happen with Fat95 USB sticks etc.

Make sure the PFS filesystem installation is correct, have you tried SFS and FFS filesystems?

Storm 13 July 2021 10:13

I have used FFS in the past but like PFS which I have used since the AmiFileSafe days when I ran a BBS, and I don't miss the disk validation crap lol. I only use SFS on my MorphOS machines. My installations are correct, as far as I know.

Thomas Richter 14 July 2021 10:46

Remove MagicMenu, please.

Storm 14 July 2021 15:22


Originally Posted by Thomas Richter (Post 1495763)
Remove MagicMenu, please.

Why? Removing it did not solve my problem.

Thomas Richter 14 July 2021 15:46

Why? Because it's worth a try, that's why. MagicMenu is one of the programs that patches badly into the system, so if intuition freezes, that's a likely candidate.

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