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schdoin 10 February 2021 21:29

Red Screen when opening FS-UAE Arcade
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I'm running macOS Big Sur. Fresh Installation, fresh copy of FS-UAE 3.0.5 with all macOS security settings allowed. FS-UAE Launcher works perfect but FS-UAE Arcade remains in a desolate state showing only a red screen (either windowed or fullscreen). Looking at the log something seems odd with OpenGL and/or Phyton but I don't have a clue on how to handle with these.
Any idea for the cause or workaround? Would be glad for any insight & solution.

Screenshot in attachment as well as the Arcade log.

schdoin 15 February 2021 20:58

Fixed it in the meantime with this ugly hack. Big Sur messed something up with OpenGL and Phyton.

Edit OpenGL/platform/ctypesloader.py, and changing the line

fullName = util.find_library( name )


fullName = '/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/OpenGL'

It is in /Applications/FS-UAE Arcade.app/Contents/Resources/Python in the OpenGL.zip.

You have to extract it, rename the original zip file to something like OpenGL.zip.bak and after editing the extracted ctypesloader.py file compress the whole folder again under the original OpenGL.zip filename.

Is there a better solution instead of patching the original FS-UAE Arcade app?

FrodeSolheim 16 February 2021 22:06

I also google the error, and it sounds like new security restrictions imposed by Apple affects the OpenGL python library bundled with FS-UAE.

There is probably not much else the user can do I suppose. But I need to consider to include this change in the OpenGL library I distribute, and/or update to a more recent version (maybe there is a workaround in a newer upstream version).

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