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oldpx 02 March 2002 18:43

EDO RAM question
My 1200 came with a blizzard 1230 IV board with 16 mb edo ram. It has single ram slot and I had to replace the existing one with a 32 mb edo. I bought an IBM 32mb 60ns ram but it does not work. Amiga simply doesn't boot, just displays a black screen. I can return it anytime but I'm discouraged to buy another one at the moment :p

Here are the numbers written on the ram. I'm alien to most of this stuff and some parts are unreadable:

32 Mb 60 NS (8MX40) 5.0V E
118 33G0728 530323002
FRU39H8312 806 VIM UO 33G0822

Do I have a wrong type of ram or do I need to tweak my expansion card somehow? :confused

RetroMan 02 March 2002 18:56

Is this a single or a double sided module ?? Some double sided modules refuse to work on a blizzard ! But anyway, which Blizzard Card you got ? Some of them don´t have auto configure for RAM so you may have to change Jumper settings for matching you new amount of Ram !

oldpx 02 March 2002 19:01

There are chips on the both sides of the ram but old 16 one is double sided as well (which works).

This is my board.

jmmijo 02 March 2002 19:02

@Burseg and Retroman, note that this module appears to be a 5vdc one, SIMM's can come in 3.3vdc types as well. Not sure if the card supports only one type or not, but you should check this as well. Normally a 3.3v type will work in a 5v card but will eventually give out due to having the extra voltage applied to it, this is not however the case when you reverse this, so sticking a 5v type into a SIMM slot that only supports 3.3v will usually not work as there is not enought voltage applied to the SIMM.

EDIT: one other note, perhaps this board doesn't like EDO memory, only FPM type. The info in your link only mentions autoconfig and up to 128MB of ram. Yes you can get SIMM's that go all the way up to 256MB now.

RetroMan 02 March 2002 19:04

Hmmm, the 1230-IV got self configured memory ! Try disabling the MAPRom feature, maybe it helps ! I got a 1230-II here and with 8 MB the MapRom feature works kewl, with 40 MB attached, it won´t work at all (Black Screen) ..... Do you have any 486 or Pentium Board to test the Edo Ram ?

oldpx 02 March 2002 19:14

No I don't have any way to test it but I'm nearly sure it works.
How do I disable the feature? I don't have any documents about the board at all.

jimmijo's idea makes sense but it's early to give up ;)

oldpx 02 March 2002 19:19

Ah I found the jumper let me play with it...

jmmijo 02 March 2002 19:25

Something else I just remembered, there are a lot of buffered type of SIMM's out there, some memory interfaces support this and some do not. This is something else to check out!

RetroMan 02 March 2002 19:48


Originally posted by jmmijo
EDIT: one other note, perhaps this board doesn't like EDO memory, only FPM type. The info in your link only mentions autoconfig and up to 128MB of ram. Yes you can get SIMM's that go all the way up to 256MB now.
Nope, these Boards are designed to work with EDO, not Fast Page ;)

oldpx 02 March 2002 19:52

No luck. Jumpers don't effect anything. I'm open to suggestions. Should I give up?

oldpx 02 March 2002 20:10

It's better to return it and test before getting another one. Anyway thanks for all the info, I'll remember to check the jumpers if other modules don't work in the future.

jmmijo 02 March 2002 20:10

Do you have any other SIMM's to try out? Here in the states these kinds of memory modules are dirt cheap, not sure about Turkey however.

oldpx 02 March 2002 20:11

Yes they are quite cheap it's not a matter but 32mb modules are rare.

oldpx 05 March 2002 15:20

Found a working one that also works when maprom is enabled :D :D :D

oldpx 05 March 2002 16:17

WRONG! I don't believe this. It is not recognized as 32mb but 4Mb !!!!! :kill :kill :kill

jmmijo 05 March 2002 19:18

There seems to be something that is causing some timing issues with the SIMM's and the accelerator. This is most likely the cause of the problems. Seems that perhaps only a select few will work with your board :(

I've seen this happen with PC's too so don't feel like it's the Blizzard board.

oldpx 12 March 2002 22:31

I tried another one and it works. At last :) Thanks a lot to you all :)

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