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ral-clan 27 November 2010 16:22

WinUAE mouse mapping, screen scaling problems
Hi Guys,

I have already mailed this problem to Toni, but I thought I would post it here in case it is a known problem.

I just bought a new large screen LCD monitor, so in order to get low resolution Amiga Screenmodes to display properly on it (instead of taking up a tiny portion of the monitor) I have to use the FILTER Automatic Scaling option.

Problem is, when used, I cannot reach certain edges of the Amiga screens with my mouse.

I made a detailed description of the problem here, with screenshots (small PDF document):


Which you can read, rather than have me repeat the whole thing in this message.

Also, here is my UAE config file just in case you need to see my settings (right-click to download and use in WinUAE):


Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

Also, does anyone know how to actually properly use the REMAP function in the INPUT and GAMEPORT settings, i.e. when using RAW MOUSE mode? The docs do not provide much info.

ral-clan 27 November 2010 18:11

Hmmm.....I've been playing around trying to find a solution. Seems to be a mouse-mapping problem. When I turn on "Magic Mouse" so that I can see the windows pointer underneath the Amiga Pointer, I can see that the two pointers do not match up. The Windows Pointer is always offset from the Amiga Pointer. I wonder if this is part of the problem. (i.e. the windows pointer reaches the edge of the screen before the Amiga pointer does and so the computer says "stop the pointer from moving").

The offset of the Windows pointer matches exactly the amount of "Dead zone" border that the Amiga pointer won't move into at the edges of the Amiga screen.

Here is the offset if I disable all filters:


And if I enable Automatic Aspect Ratio Correction in FILTERS the offset changes to the other side of the Amiga pointer (and so the dead zone moves to the left edge of the Amiga screen).


Depending on what Amiga screenmode is chosen, the offset will always be different than other screenmodes (but consistent to that screenmode).
Is there any way to manually correct the offset of the two pointers?

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