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rodpulsar 17 April 2015 09:40

[SOLVED] iGame bug : WHDLoad involved ?

Hi guys,

Since a few days I noticed an annoying bug that I can't seem to be able to resolve yet. I perhaps always had it (?)

The bug :
I launch iGame, correctly configured with my WHDLoad games repository.
I choose a game, double click on it, play with it, then quit with F10 or PrtScr.
Then iGame won't respond. I can't quit or close the program. It stays forever like that.

On the bottom status bar of iGame is the name of the game with a status "is running". To use iGame again I have to reboot.

If I launch the slave directly from my HD partition, I can quit and get back to workbench. However I can't seem to fully get back my previous memory.

My rig :
A1200 rev1D4 KS3.9 + OS3.9 + CWB3.9
Apollo 1260 @ 66Mhz
Indivision MKII / DVI
FastATA MKI + CF8Gb Kingston
-> DH0 Workbench 512Mo in PFS3DS
-> DH1 Data 7Go in PFS3DS
PCMCIA Card Orinoco Gold (non active by default)
Lyra 2 + mouse adaptor USB / PS2 / Joysticks
Registered WHDLoad

What I tried (sorry I also tried dumb things) :
– Install again iGame from CWB (version Alpha 1.6) : NOK
– Install final version 1.5 : NOK
– Copy of my OS on a physical Hard Drive IDE 2,5 : NOK
– Removed from S-S things linked to memory management : NOK
– Installed Snoopdos : normal behavior, WHDLoad closes the game. The game shgould not stay on "is running" mode. No FAIL detected. : NOK
– Removed from S-S configs for 1260 and FastATA : NOK
– Changed 1260 for another 1260 : NOK
– Changed 1260 for an ACA 1230 : NOK
– Changed memory sticks : NOK
– Tested in WINUAE with some configs : NOK
– Tried to find relative iGame parameters : NOK
– Tried to find relative WHDLoad parameters : NOK
– Tried to find relative MUI parameters : NOK

What can I do now ?
– Install MUI again ?
– Check if I get the same problem launching a game on my 512Mo partition instead of the 7GB one ?
– Test with an OS3.9 without CWB ?

For the moment I use PRIMAN to kill the process, which avoids rebooting.
I could use some real good advices there ! :D

Thanks by advance guys.

daxb 17 April 2015 13:07

Try an older WHDLoad version. Just to be sure it isn`t WHDLoad. Do you have changed/updated something recently? This maybe could be the problem. Make sure that the usb stack or network isn`t the causer. Start with minimal or original startup (s-s, u-s, wb-s) and see if it helps. Ask the igame author if he can help.

rodpulsar 17 April 2015 22:11

Thanks Daxb, that's what I kept doing all day finally. And after like 30 reboots checking S-S and U-S using dichotomy, I found the cause : a program called disDF !!


I used this anticlick program a long time ago, I never noticed the bug before.
I have no more floppy so now I just need :
assign df0: dismount
assign df0: remove
...in my boot files to make the df0: icon dissapear from Workbench.

Now that I removed this program I can again launch WHDLoad games with iGame wirth no freeze or crash :D (don't ask me why lol)

Good thing to know :)

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