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Sergio 28 October 2004 12:32

Puzzle/action game
I remember a game that I saw looong ago in a computer show in France (I don't remember when , probably around 1990). It was a puzzle kind of game where the playground was a grid of appx. 10*10 squares. The grid was viewed in perspective from above (neither top-down view nor isometric 3D). IIRC the "player" and "enemies" were nice (animated?) front/left/back/right sprites. There were many levels, that might have been time-limited. Any Ideas?

CodyJarrett 28 October 2004 12:44




Sergio 28 October 2004 15:14

It looked a bit like that but AFAICR there were more rows/columns + the tiles were just simple (light yellow?) squares - and the background was black. and you could move your "player" on the squares, not around them. ISTR that each level began with the grid flying towards you, but I may be confusing with another game. Anyway I am not 100% sure the game could be actually bought at the show - could have been a preview.

CodyJarrett 28 October 2004 15:21

Hmmm, what about Zoom?



Sergio 28 October 2004 16:53

Yeees, that's it! Thanx Cody :)

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