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Decker 23 July 2015 21:04

Best WHDLoad launcher / latest version of iGame?
Hey, all

I'm interested in finding out what you use to launch and index your WHDLoad games? iGame is great and all, but some of the features frustrate me slightly:

- Filters don't always work: I set the filter to 'Never played' and launch a game. When I exit the game, the filter setting is still the same, but iGame shows all the games. I'll have to set the filter back and forth to show the games with 0 launches again.

- Sorting options are inconsistent: 'Most played' doesn't show the games in a particular order. It might show 1-4 most played games and the rest are in random order.

There are also some nice-to-have features that aren't there, like a more comprehensive last played -list and times played info at a glance etc... but that's not important.

Are there better options? Also, is there a later version than 1.6A? iGame site only lists stable versions up to 1.5. But incredibly, I just now noticed that there's a 2015 version as well :shocked

Anyone have that running?

Decker 23 July 2015 21:37

I installed the 2015 build alongside 1.6a.

+ It's faster with screenshots, especially interlaced ones
+ Has a separate 030 and 060 executable

- If a game has no screenshot, it keeps showing the last one instead of the default one
- Doesn't fix the peeves I mentioned
- Scales the screenshots weirdly small (there's a tooltype to fix that... maybe 1.6a did that too by default?)

Decker 23 July 2015 21:49


- 030 version doesn't read tooltypes. Particularly the screenshot size tooltype.
- screenshots are rasterized weirdly.

Bottom left: 1.6a
Top right: 2015-02 build


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