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aragon 27 February 2002 14:00

Imagine 5
Still looking for full, intact version of Imagine 5. I have an lzx archive, but IM5 does not start after clicking the icon, although it seems to be an 68k version.

If anybody has a full disk set, I would be grateful for a link.

Washac 01 March 2002 15:14

I think that you will find that Imagine 5 was a Floating Point version only..............................

aragon 02 March 2002 18:37

Yep, but even with fpu emu it didn't work :-(

JoJo 07 July 2002 21:44


Originally posted by aragon
Yep, but even with fpu emu it didn't work :-(
Eh? FPU emu? Well perhaps the emulation doesn't support all needed instructions.

Akira 07 July 2002 23:16

Shove me the LZX and I'll tell you if it is a lameulator problem. I'll try it on my Amiga.

Washac 09 July 2002 15:04

I have a copy of Imagine5 and have never got it to run correctly on a real Amiga, and yes I believe it it FPU only.

I to would like a full working copy of version 5.

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