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spannernick 18 September 2021 19:46

Armiga:Horizontal Hold Bars Night Breed Games
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Anyone seen this before in the Armiga...? No I have not spelt Amiga wrong, I have a ARMIGA.. :)

I guess its the emulator that doing it but only on the Night Breed games.

Night Breed The Interactive Movie and Action games.

I think I saw it in a emulator along time ago in UAE4all.

Could it be a NTSC PAL thing...? where the emulator see the game as PAL but shows it as NTSC on the screen and then you get horizonal bars across the screen.
If you look at the pictures, it looks like to me thats thats a NTSC signal cause the vertical PAL Screen is shorter, it has a big gap at the bottom of the game screen, the pal screen does not cover the whole of it, that does.

The screen is out sync.

Does anyone know whats causing it..?

NigthBreed The Interactive Movie
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Night Breed The Action Game
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Some history: The Armiga is a device that like THEC64 but was handmade, has a 3D printed case with ARMIGA on it and uses a Floppy Disk Drive in it for ripping Floppy Disk copies into ADF files, it uses a Cubieboard2 in it.

The emulator it uses the code is from the Dreamcast version of UAE4All.


Galahad/FLT 18 September 2021 21:06

You sure you haven't accidentally selected AGA?

That is a modulo problem, wrong value will cause that kind of shifting, but also if FMODE is active on an AGA system it can cause the same thing

kremiso 19 September 2021 21:57


Originally Posted by spannernick (Post 1507376)
...The emulator it uses the code is from the Dreamcast version of UAE4All

i hope in some way improved, because i well know that emulator, having a Dreamcast;
a couple of good ones works very bad with uae4allDC, like Lionheart, Jim Power, First and Second Samurai i.e. ;
i'll try to test Night Breed, just curious

Foebane 20 September 2021 15:33

I remember having one of those Nightbreed games as part of my Amiga 500 pack, and I know for a fact that if that one isn't AGA, then the other one isn't, neither.

Does the Armiga allow you to select the chipset? Or is it forcing you to use the one they've decided for the games? Reminds me of the whole Amiga Forever fiasco, if you ask me. Now THAT was a bad idea.

kremiso 20 September 2021 19:55

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just tested the action game on DC, not surprisingly it does not work correctly also;
very similar gfx issue :

i suspect just an outdated emulator core issue, then
this old thread have some other infos, maybe can be useful too :

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