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Sebiohazard 12 August 2021 22:02

HDD - Unplayable files + folders in WB ?!

I am using FS-UAE in parallel with WinUAE & here I am completely blocked !!!

1. I have created an HDD in .hdf format with WB 3.1 so far no problem.

2. I created a 2nd HDD with lots of software in it in "directory" format named Data which I mount in FS-UAE.

The WB recognizes HDD Data well but sees NO files or folders ???

I do the same operation with WinUAE & there my files & folders in Data are perfectly visible in the WB why ???

So I can't transfer anything from one HDD to another... even with the ZarnalBoot + DOpus diskette, the latter can't see ANYTHING it's amazing this story ?!

Greetings !

Sebiohazard 13 August 2021 23:47

No one to help me ?!

FrodeSolheim 14 August 2021 12:28

Is there anything "special" about the directory hard drive? For example, maybe it's on a network volume that FS-UAE does not know how to read? Or is the "Data" drive accessible via a drive letter?

Please attach fs-uae.log.txt.

Sebiohazard 14 August 2021 23:26

Hello thank you for your interest in my problem :)

I have installed two versions of FS-UAE: the version with the installation setup & the portable version (by creating a text file called portable.ini in the folder where the executable is located).

Strangely, the version with the setup allows you to read the content of my HDD Data but not the portable version… I don't understand why?

I installed all the plugins in the Plugins folder of the portable version, they are well recognized but nothing helps... a solution ?!

FrodeSolheim 15 August 2021 13:32

I'll need the log file from the portable version to be able to help.

(Plugins are not relevant).

Sebiohazard 15 August 2021 23:48

Good evening OK it is where it is called what ?

Sebiohazard 20 August 2021 16:12

Can you tell me where the .log file is for me to send to you ?

Greetings !

FrodeSolheim 20 August 2021 16:27


Sebiohazard 26 August 2021 08:43

2 Attachment(s)
Hello here are the requested files...

FrodeSolheim 26 August 2021 16:05

I don't think you sent the correct log files - I mean, you need to copy/send the log files directly after you experience the problem and not launch anything else in the meantime. The launcher log files does not indicate that you've used any 'Data' directory hard drive (only WB 3.1.hdf), and the FS-UAE log file is from a session where you played Battle Chess (CD32).

sneeker 26 August 2021 16:45

On your Data Drive do the files have corresponfing .info files, do you have show all files enabled under workbench when you look at that drive?

Sebiohazard 07 September 2021 06:04

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Hello sorry for the delay in responding here are the new log files...

Sebiohazard 17 September 2021 23:32


FrodeSolheim 20 September 2021 10:42

Hi, I've investigated the logs, and I think what happens is that FS-UAE gets confused about what Data directory to use (relative to "working directory", or relative to "Hard Drives" directory) and picks the wrong one. It should be thought of as a bug.

Please try one of the following workarounds:
- Open the .fs-uae config file in a text editor and manually replace
hard_drive_1 = Data
hard_drive_1 = D:/Emulators/FS-UAE Suite 3.0.5 x64/Hard Drives/Data
(remember to make sure that Launcher reloads the config, restarting the Launcher is a foolproof way).
- or, move the Data directory somewhere else, for example
Hard Drives/Workaround/Data
so that when you select it in the Launcher, it will get a more unique path (Workaround/Data).

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