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AMIGASYSTEM 02 September 2021 15:07

Cybersphere Games Multiplatform
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Developer: GDG Entertainment

CyberSphere: New games Multiplatform icon-driven game localized in English, French and Italian and developed with text-adventures in mind for OS4, AROS, MOS, MAC WINDOWS and LINUX.

Explore a cyberpunk-themed world spreading across a fictitional town, itsundergrounds and the outerspace above it to discover its secrets. Traverse the voxels-made environment using an icon-based mechanics istead of typing text.

CyberSphere Demo: Download

CyberSphere Complete Games: Download

AMIPEGUSER 12 October 2021 22:27

I am really surprised that there is no response or comments about this Game here.
It could not be possible that no one here in the EAB is interested in that game?????

I played it until the end, I also bought the boxed Version....
It is such a real cool Game.
Many thanks to Gianluca Girelli and his Team.

kriz 12 October 2021 23:14

Indeed that is true, i am going to buy it but would like a digital but I am told no digital before all boxed are sold... It looks very interesting, what system did you play it on AMIPEGUSER (pegasos maybe?) ? Also what game can you compare it to ? Myst ?

utri007 12 October 2021 23:23


Game play video. I'm not interested boxed version, so I wait digital.

Evillord68 13 October 2021 06:50

I bought the boxed version von Cybersphere, too.
Really great game.

I played it throught with my AmigaOne XE.
Hopefully there will be a sequel. ;)

AMIPEGUSER 13 October 2021 19:18

I am wrote the review for the November issue of the Amiga Future 153 and tested it on
a Pegasos 2 with OS 4.1
on a AmigaOne500 with OS 4.1 FE
and on a Powerbook with Morph OS 3.12.
It works fine on all systems.
After testing I played the Game to the End on my pegasos.

Seiya 13 October 2021 20:54

i reviewed the demo in June REV'n'GE! issue

AMIPEGUSER 14 October 2021 21:27

I read your review. Good one.
And the walking system did not change, mostly walking forward.
But in some screens you turned around automaticly and look south.
That is a little bit confusing because you than press North to go backwards.
But if you trained a little bit it works good.
Nice Magazine.
Where did you get all your diffent games for different systems?

Seiya 14 October 2021 21:46


Originally Posted by AMIPEGUSER (Post 1511435)

Where did you get all your diffent games for different systems?

i tried only AROS version if you intend this game

AMIPEGUSER 18 October 2021 11:11


No I mean...
Where did you get all the Games for different reviews in your magazine.
You reviewed Spectrum, Amiga, C64, Atari etc.
Where did you get all these Games?
Do you have all these systems?

Or do you have contact to other users which reviewed the other systems?

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