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MethodGit 21 October 2001 21:43

Amiga Power Issue 49 CD
I know it's not gonna be uploaded here, but I was wondering whether anyone would ever put up an ISO of Amiga Power's first (and sadly only) CD somewhere? I've heard the stuff on there was really great. :cool

RetroMan 22 October 2001 00:18

Any index of what should be on there ???

Amigaboy 22 October 2001 01:28

If we're talking about ISOs, I would've requested the Lazarus ISOs, but this isn't my request thread ;)

CodyJarrett 22 October 2001 08:41

I'll make an ISO of it and see how large it is.

Issue 49 was also the Top 100 games, so the CD contained an 'interactive' Top 100. You could browse a multimedia version of it and play demos of the games if they were available.

There were also some PD games, but nothing that wasn't seen on the coverdisks. The people who compiled the CD also put on some demos of their other products - a multimedia dinosaur thing etc.

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