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AMIGASYSTEM 06 January 2021 12:34

HD Double Boot Sector
Hi Toni, if I prepare HD, MemoryCard, Pendrive etc.. with two partitions one dedicated to FAT32 and one for AmigaOS x76, these devices work perfectly from WinUAE and the x76 Partition is recognized and boots without problems.

However, if I create a disk image (HDF) of these devices WinUAE does not recognize them anymore, is this normal?

Toni Wilen 07 January 2021 18:04

It is normal. Partition table is queried using Windows API functions which naturally can't work with HDFs. It is only meant to allow easy data transfer from Amithlon partitions.

Also note that use of "real" HD (at last random access) is always slower than HDF because it bypasses caches.

AMIGASYSTEM 07 January 2021 18:19

Ok thanks Toni, I don't use real HD in Emulation, I just needed to test HD, MemoryCard before using them on Real Machines.

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