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Nightshft 21 December 2020 15:13

Window resolutions (default)
Hi Guys,

I'm using WinUae for a long time, but am new to FS_Uae.
The launcher offers a drop down list for window resolution, with resolutions from 640x400 up to 724x566.

How would I add an option for let's say: 1100x860 ?
And maybe let it be default.


FrodeSolheim 22 December 2020 17:17

Hi, that's not really a window resolution list, but instead how much to show of the Amiga display output. For window size, you can add

window_width = XXX
window_height = YYY

to advanced settings.

Nightshft 22 December 2020 20:10

Hi Frode,
that works fine!
I checked a lot of settings but I wouldn't have found this, thank you.
Happy Holidays! :xmas

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