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hexaae 03 August 2006 18:34

Loom CD doesn't work anymore with scummvm 0.9.0?
the other day I tried scummVM 0.9.0 for Amiga but I've found Loom CD (talkie) is mute now! ...and I've deleted the LoomCD.iso from my HD many months ago :(
Somebody else tried scummVM 0.9.0 with Loom CD (256 cols), talkie?

With scummvm 0.7.1 LoomCD audio is still played...

Retro-Nerd 03 August 2006 18:51

I'm using the Win32 version, but it is well known that games with cdda tracks can causes trouble in ScummVM. Copy the data in a folder and rip the huge audio track to mp3 and rename it to "Track1.mp3".

When you don't have the ISO, grab the preinstalled ScummVM version here:


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