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dreamkatcha 07 June 2003 11:35

Key mapping
I've just bought a new more compact keyboard which doesn't have a right control key. My plan is to either map the left control key to the right one so it becomes the fire key, or map the left control key to the joypad fire button. Neither way seems to work for me. Does anyone know why?

Am I right in thinking that when you use customized keys the default 3 configs are overridden?

I used to use my Gravis gamepad, but my new computer doesn't have a serial port so it's now redundant. I'll get myself a new USB pad eventually but for now I'll use the keyboard if I can get it working.

dreamkatcha 11 June 2003 16:38

Look, I know I had too much to drink at the EAB Christmas party and danced the conga naked on the tables, but you can't hold that against me forever surely. I can change, just give me a chance. :(

Anywho, I got myself a new joypad today so this mapping stuff won't be necessary. I was quite surprised at the price actually - it was £19.99 from Dixons (who aren't known for good prices) and it's cordless and rumbles like some of the console pads. Some of the other ones with those features are double the price.

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