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harrison 19 November 2002 04:21

Alien Breed SE '92
I used to love this game and someone asked me if I had a copy so routed out an ADF of it but it doesn't work.

I have the original but haven't had time to convert it to adf's yet and am therefore using a cracked copy.

It gets past the crackers splash screen and then starts reading the disk for a bit while on a black screen. It then crashes with the power light flashing and then ending at a guru message 8...0004 or something which if I remember right is memory conflict related.

I have tried a couple of different versions of winUAE including the latest, have tried many different memory and kickstart variations but it always does the same thing.

Any ideas? I really wanted to play this game again.

CodyJarrett 19 November 2002 10:01

It's probably your ADF that's causing the problem. I tried the Ministry crack with a pretty standard A500 config in WinUAE and it worked fine.

I've put the Ministry crack in the Zone.

harrison 20 November 2002 02:22

Cheers, that copy worked fine.

Must have been a corrupt copy I was using. It was the same ministry version though.

haynor666 01 February 2003 22:02

You better use Fairlight crack.

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