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narud17 06 March 2005 14:18

Having read the FAQ i understand about kick rom and kick rom rtb I have the roms already what i don't have is a kickstart folder in DEVS do i just create one and chuck everything in it? by that i mean will WHDLoad find the folder or does it need some sort of assign command?

MarlboroMan 06 March 2005 14:45

No, WhdLoad doesnt need an assign. Just create the folder, put the kickfile with the correct name and the .rtb file in it and enjoy!

narud17 06 March 2005 14:51

Thanks for the info one thing i forgot to ask do i have to rename kick 1.3 to whatever WHD asks for?.

frostwork 06 March 2005 16:37

Yes! :)
Don't know the right name from here, but I'm sure whdload will tell you....

Akira 06 March 2005 18:29

yup you need to rename it. make sure the RTB file you got is for your EXACT revision of Kickstart though, otherwise it won't work.

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