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Fred the Fop 25 December 2002 02:11

Taking Screenshots of DOS games
Ok fellows, this is too useful a topic to be in off topic. I am trying to tae screenshots of DOS games. I know the "Print Screen" trick, but some games won't allow it to be copied to the clipboard. And if I "Alt-Enter" to cheat and take a screen of the frozen window, it comes up white, requesting I do ""Alt-Enter"" again.
What now? Is there another way, besides having to download a program? [I hate to clutter my HD and registry with installed programs. I like it lean and mean]

Uukrul 25 December 2002 02:48

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You can use the DOS program Screen Thief (little, good and won't fuck your HD or Windows registry). It's only 35 KB so I've attached it.

Akira 25 December 2002 16:08

Screen Thief is great.

Mr Creosote 25 December 2002 16:43

Some games won't work with Screenthief, in that case, you should try PCXDump and Videothief in addition.

Fissuras 25 December 2002 21:33

Sceen Thief was fantastic... I remember saving automatic screenshots... so it was easy to get the *perfect* one!

trentinoA1 03 September 2012 20:54

Screenshots in DOS:


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