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leslieT 28 April 2010 14:47

Help with startup

I've had to replace my A1200 HDD.

I used my 3.1 disks to install on the new drive but on booting from the new disk my 1084S monitor has no useful display.

If I hold down both mouse keys and select 'Display Options' and then select either 'Orginal' or 'Enhanced' under 'Chip set' the display is OK.

Is there a startup file I can edit to avoid the system selecting 'Best available' at startup or would reinstalling with an older version be better?

Thank you

thomas 28 April 2010 15:07

delete envarc:sys/screenmode.prefs
rename devs:monitors/#? sys:storage/monitors

Then reboot.

leslieT 28 April 2010 17:27

Hello Thomas,

That has worked fine and thank you for the prompt reply.

I had a slight ?? moment as I could only find Prefs/Env-Archive/Sys/wbconfig.prefs, I changed the file name to _wbconfig.prefs and it has done the trick...the A1200 now has a 'normal' screen.

My old system had a whole list of .prefs files, no idea why I now only have wbconfig.prefs.

Thanks again.

thomas 28 April 2010 19:58


no idea why I now only have wbconfig.prefs
Because you didn't change and save any preferences yet.

wbconfig just contains the windowed/backdrop setting of Workbench. You can safely delete it.

I doubt that wbconfig has anything to do with distorted display. It's rather moving the monitor drivers away which cured the problem.

leslieT 03 May 2010 16:29

Good news, bad news
Thanks for your help Thomas.

My joy at having the display back was short-lived.

The 1200 died later that day.

Still, it's had a good innings and its files will linger on in UAE.

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