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BippyM 10 February 2003 09:29

How about adding a downloadable winuae config that will ensure the game (or a version of the game) will work with WinUAE?

So for pinball illusions you can download a generic config if it works or a specific config if it so requires :)

CodyJarrett 10 February 2003 11:55

The problem is that the configs will quickly become out of date with new versions of WinUAE. And we have enough work to even get the basic game info up-to-date at the moment!

Akira 10 February 2003 18:35

Agreed with Cody, but... andreas, if he wants, could work on that subject. He is the config-master! That would leave you guys free for other tasks.

The HOL Team should be like the Amiga custom chips, splitting tasks among them :D

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