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Madcrow 31 August 2007 15:08

Revamping the Wiki
The EAB/ABIME wiki just isn't working well. The FAQ-style really drags down usability and the non-standard software just can't compare with the excellence that is Mediawiki...

I think we should check out the CPC wiki and try to model ours on that...

Duke 31 August 2007 15:54

Eh? DokuWiki is fantastic and its features are just fine for our needs. And there is no such thing as "standard wiki software".

Now about the content, just create a new page with the layout you have in mind, and if the others agree then it can be merged to the other pages.

Madcrow 31 August 2007 16:36

I guess can start it with wikia, populate it (initially) with content from Wikipedia and the beef up content about apps and games...

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