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tomcat666 02 March 2005 10:07

According to this :


It should exist - it was even reviewed. Hmmm. Anyone has this Amiga Power 27 ????

CodyJarrett 02 March 2005 10:21

It's not really a review. In AP 27 there was a feature called Absolute Power which listed about 2,000 Amiga games. It included mini-reviews from past issues of AP and where a game was released before AP began a new mini-review was added.

Reader mini-reviews were included a few issues later and the whole thing was published as a book called "Amiga Power's Guide To Every Amiga Game Ever".

Some unreleased games were added to the list by both the AP team and contributors - including Starquake.

tomcat666 02 March 2005 10:26

Ahh, thanx for clearing that up Cody ! That would explain why the site also has stuff like Enduro Racer and Where Time Stood Still in the listings as released...

Hmm how hard would you reckon would it be to port some of these gems from the ST over to Amiga ? Stuff like StarQuake, WTSS, Super Sprint, etc. ?

I am currently porting a few of Spectrum games over to Galaksija (same processor - Z80, different video, audio output and keyboard scanning, calling a lot of ROM routines, etc.) and with all the interrupt driven stuff it is proving to be more of a pain than I imagined in the beginning :)

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