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Solo Kazuki 22 October 2021 07:47

Szilárd "BSzili" Biró ports
Since Blood is added, maybe it's time to add more BSzili ports?

Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold
Blake Stone: Planet Strike
BS:PS is successor of BS:AoG

Exhumed / Power Slave
Shadow Warrior

I'll put to The Zone! some screenshots for Hall of Light later.

CodyJarrett 22 October 2021 17:42

Thanks, I'll add these entries.

Solo Kazuki 24 October 2021 21:11

Some Exhumed screenshots are uploaded to The Zone!

Solo Kazuki 25 October 2021 21:22

Few Powerslave screenshots (it's Exhumed for US) are also there.

Solo Kazuki 30 October 2021 15:24

I've just added some screenshots from Exumed (mainly intro) and Powerslave (including main menu). Please set them correctly among first batch.

Solo Kazuki 01 November 2021 21:51

I just uploaded to The Zone! some Shadow Warrior screenshots.

Solo Kazuki 07 November 2021 19:51

Some screenshots from Blood how it should looks like (with proper panel :D) are in The Zone!

Solo Kazuki 16 November 2021 14:45

To mentioned before games, more ports are done by BSzili:
Keen Dreams

Catacomb 3D
Catacomb Abyss
Catacomb Armageddon
Catacomb Apocalypse

Catacomb is series of games, written above in chronological order

Il'll send some screenshots and give information about it here.

Solo Kazuki 08 January 2022 14:28

Both Blake Stone versions screenshots are uploaded to The Zone!

Solo Kazuki 09 January 2022 12:50

Ports are available on AmiNet:

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