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Predseda 27 July 2020 13:54

Do I read correctly that the new coder is mcgeezer?

mcgeezer 27 July 2020 14:08


Originally Posted by Predseda (Post 1416375)
Do I read correctly that the new coder is mcgeezer?

Not me, although i do have a project with DSG.

Code life is on hold at the moment due to time/covid/real life.

For the record, i have worked with 10shu and found him very easy going and passionate.


DamienD 27 July 2020 14:12


Originally Posted by mcgeezer (Post 1416380)
Not me, although i do have a project with DSG.

Yeah I read that; a shoot 'em up or something.

Predseda 27 July 2020 14:23


Originally Posted by mcgeezer (Post 1416380)
Not me, although i do have a project with DSG

I have read something like (google translation):


Jeremie contacted Rygar's coder to do a shmup with Tenshu.
Although SMH was not expected to be the shmup game in question, it may become so.
That's how it usually works it's Jeremie who contacts (coders, musicians) on different platforms he puts them in contact with Tenshu.
So he is talking about other game, not yet announced on DSG, right?

BTW Super Metal Hero has been removed from DSG web I can see (or to be exact, I can not find the link there so it is now hidden?). Original link:


tarr 27 July 2020 16:29

Indieretronews is right on track!

Neil79 27 July 2020 16:44


Originally Posted by tarr (Post 1416414)


Didn't mention any publishers or the rest of the team, or the discussions further up just incase we get it wrong. Once more details are released, we are sure to change our future write ups :cool

alpine9000 28 July 2020 00:47

I am correct in reading in the comments of the YouTube video from the original post that this is a prototype running on a PC?

“ Yoz Montana the prototype is running on pc... ( i ve programmed it but i m an artist not a programmer) it s just a proof of concept. It will be redone entierly by the new programmer once our current project is completed (probably in September) the game will be on multiple retro pc and console”

nikosidis 28 July 2020 01:12

If it is not for Amiga anymore they can F... off.

Neil79 28 July 2020 01:34


Originally Posted by nikosidis (Post 1416528)
If it is not for Amiga anymore they can F... off.

In the video it says " For 16bit hardware ", games are created on the PC for retro systems too. But yes I'd be dissapointed if the Amiga is dropped :nuts

malko 28 July 2020 02:40

If I understood correctly what I read on amigafrance.com : DSG by using a "new" coder, just steals a game idea brought by MG :rolleyes .

Tenshu made some nice gfx. Well, let him use them for another game (another idea) and not to continue the work started at MG's request, the original author.

Looks like DSG is to put in the same basket as CocoBanana -> and straight to the trash can!

saimon69 28 July 2020 04:11


Originally Posted by tarr (Post 1416241)
IMHO the older version seemed faster, more "arcade" and with more moving objects, with a fast-paced neo geo style gameplay.

That is pretty ironic: Ten Shu is a Neo Geo fan!

Solo Kazuki 28 July 2020 08:39


Originally Posted by tarr (Post 1416241)
IMHO the older version seemed faster, more "arcade" and with more moving objects, with a fast-paced neo geo style gameplay.

No, first version was "run to right" mobile type game, which i don't like.
Now it's proper game where You must not hurry or You'll be force pushed to right.

If You like this type of games, there is Miky's Land. There is no need for next game of this type.

But... is Amiga version still in plans?

buzzybee 28 July 2020 09:23

What I see from the videos, the first game seems to run at full 50/60 Hz framerate which usually feels very smooth and arcadey. The second version seems to run in 25 Hz, looking great, but feeling a bit slow. Reminds me of Ruff´n´Tumble.

Anyway, both approaches contain some very delicious pixels and seem to be technically adept (maybe the first one more so). Looking forward to follow them both!

Tigerskunk 28 July 2020 09:26

After reading a bit in the Amigafrance thread, it seems to me that Gibs was pissed that he was basically treated as a code monkey with no real representation and having now word in how or when the game was presented.

Seems that new video is just a prototype made on a PC game creator or something like that.
After watching that video in detail, I don't see an AGA version with this amount of Parallax and action (amount of animated objects) in the foreground happening on a stock A1200.

But I might me wrong, who knows.. ;)

Anyway, hope this will come to fruition, the graphics are amazing and would be sad to lose these assets.

Zarnal 29 July 2020 20:24

At the request of Gibs on Amiga France Forum, I transmit his right of reply :

links removed, Gibs is banned, this means he does not have a say on EAB.. You posting this is giving him a voice on a platform where he is banned. Do not do this again!!!

Tigerskunk 29 July 2020 21:17

Okay, this is getting a bit ugly... :/

malko 29 July 2020 22:27


Originally Posted by Steril707 (Post 1416975)
Okay, this is getting a bit ugly... :/


Hope Graeme will have a different experience...

Predseda 29 July 2020 22:43

History is returning in circles. How many times I have seen something similar...

Tigerskunk 29 July 2020 23:23

It's always a problem when idealistic people try to work together.
When you are just working for money, you usually don't care that much.

But when you are doing a lot of work just for the sake of doing something for a scene you love or your own ideals, it's getting difficult to keep different ideas under one hat without somebody feeling left behind.

That's the reason why I want to do as much as possible on my own, whether it be graphics, music or whatever.

That way I don't need to deal with this kind of hassle.

I guess everybody involved in that problem is a good person. It's just that they had completely different ideas on how this project should have went.

colinvella 30 July 2020 00:27


I am currently writing the code for a game called The Shadows of Sergoth, a dungeon crawler style game, in AMOS Basic Pro, which will be published by Double Sided Games. Tenshu is in charge of the graphics and another person is in charge of music and audio. For the record, I'd like to state that I have had no issues whatsoever working with the team and with Double Sided Games.

Prior to Sergoth, I have collaborated on another game with Tenshu, called Barbarian+. It was his concept (an enhancement of the original Barbarian) and he was looking for an Amiga coder to work with. One more person, who goes by the username JMD took care of the music. The game was released for free as a fan tribute to the original.

I have also contributed to Black Dawn Rebirth (also by DSG) by coding the game's intro and the HDD Installer.

Concerning Super Metal Hero, without going into details that might lead to more caustic behaviour, Tenshu and Mike Gibbs at some point agreed to collaborate by combining Tenshu's game concept art for a platform game, with Mike's platform game engine (at which point was using Mike's own graphics and was called Mikey's Land). They also agreed to work under the wing of Double Sided Games.

At some point, this collaboration ended (for reasons to which I was partly a witness), and Tenshu and Mike went their separate ways. Tenshu retained his artwork, while Mike walked away with his own game engine. Both are at liberty to make what they will with their own intellectual property.

Where I come into the story, is that after I finish working on The Shadows of Sergoth, I was approached to start working on the game engine for Super Metal Hero. We have decided to work with Blitz Basic 2 since it has AGA support out of the box, the ability to bypass the OS (Blitz mode) and a number of language features not present in AMOS that might be handy. As per the initial version powered by Mike's engine, the new engine will use AGA dual play field, consisting of two parallax layers of 16 colours each, with the use of the copper for additional colours such as a sky gradient. Unlike the first engine, scrolling will not be forced.

As a game developer, and a member of the Amiga community, I hope that something good will come out of the unfortunate sequence of events that led to the end of the original collaboration, that is, that there will be another platform game for the Amiga, aside from Super Metal Hero. To this end, I wish Mike Gibbs the best of luck.

Regarding the recent video for Super Metal Hero, this is a "prototype" implemented by Tenshu himself with Construct 3, a modern game engine that can target Windows, Android phones etc. (but, sadly, not the Amiga!). The prototype serves as live game specification for the Amiga version, but also opens the possibility to release the game for modern platforms.

I hope this helps clarify some of the questions.


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