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512k 30 June 2021 19:51

CD32 OS3.2 Hdtoolbox 4gb limit
Additional info

Card = tf330

Am stuck with the 4gb limit and cant get pass it why cf card 32gb trying to install 3.2 i would of expected the cd to boot in to a patched scsi

I just seen this

Note: Some hard drive controllers may be able to use drives larger
than 4 GB by reusing the new scsi.device for the Amiga 1200 which is
present in the ModulesA1200_3.2.adf disk image. You may have to
manually copy it and give it a try with LoadModule.

I know LoadModule in os 3.2 already patches stuff would that include the scsi.device if not anyway i could add it without a reboot

Also to the devs what does l:system-startup romupdate patch?

gulliver 01 July 2021 16:01


Originally Posted by 512k (Post 1493443)
Also to the devs what does l:system-startup romupdate patch?

It does not patch anything.
It's information is detailed in the FAQ section 12.8 but it is also referenced on many other Q&As within that document.

512k 01 July 2021 22:33

A little update on this

Do a floppy install with the select amiga model being the A1200 aka for modules in winuae things are working fine now

Though in saying that if you check the terrible-fire forums they say it not supposed to work.


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