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Frazor 06 August 2003 08:22

HAM Demo
I'm looking for an old demo, but I'm not remember a lot of think about it.
The name is something like "HAM Unlimited" (not sure), sorry I'm not remember the group.
The demo display an HAM picture with a lot of moving sprites over. The demo coder claim it's a true HAM picture. At the time, I trying to understand (with my MKIII) how it's works (doesn't succes).
So if someone could put the demo on the zone and if someone have explanations for this effect?


Frog 06 August 2003 10:02

it could be Ice / TSL, there's an HAM picture (a Boris Valejo pic) with some 3D object moving on it.

Frazor 06 August 2003 14:36

Thank you Frog for your suggestion, but it's not the ICE demo. It's display a lot of sprites (or bobs) over an HAM picture. And if I remember (it's very far), the music it's more chip tune.

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